Pied Piper Machine

A Look at the Pied Piper Machine

Pied Piper is a 5×4 Quickspin slot featuring 40 fixed paylines, stacking walking Wilds, and a bonus game in which players may win additional free spins. Although the visuals are stunning, the game itself does not pay off frequently even when there are many of Wilds on the board. The game is based on the lullaby of the same name, in which a man named Pied Piper saves the city of Hamelin from an infestation of rats, only to have the people refuse to pay him for his services and have him lead all the children out of the city as well.

How to Adjust and Configure a Pied Piper Slot

The only decision you’ll need to make is how much to wager every spin; the game employs 40 preset paylines over a 5×4 grid. You may place bets ranging from 0.2 to 100.00. You may wish to select Fast Play or Autoplay to speed things up, as the game moves slowly if you use the regular Spin button and pays out seldom. The paytable and game regulations may be accessed on the left-hand side of the screen, with the RTP of 96.32% clearly displayed.

Gameplay and Extras in Pied Piper

The main and most attractive emblem in Pied Piper Wild is a four-row high Pied Piper. Only reels 3, 4, and 5 have it. It will activate the Piper Respins feature once it falls on reel 5 completely stacked. Until the Piper departs the board, the Piper and any Mouse Wilds will advance one reel to the left on each re-spin. But even if he does, there’s still a potential for a surprise re-trigger of the feature, whereby another Piper appears on the reel to the right and grants 5 more re-spins.

Free spins are triggered when three Bonus Scatters appear on the board in the same spin. The middle three reels are the only ones to see scatter symbols. One to six Mouse Wild symbols will be randomly added to the reels after each free spin, and the Piper Respins feature can be triggered after any free spin by the appearance of a mysterious Piper Wild symbol.

The wandering Wilds in the regular game, the extra Mouse Wilds in the free spins game, and the possibility of landing a mysterious Piper Wild at any moment all sound like significant bonuses, but they don’t always pay out. The Wilds are the only real reason to play this game, and landing a large win requires a lot of chance.

There are ten regular symbols in the paytable, and five of them are low-value card symbols that will only return your initial wager. Only the King pays highly, out of the five primary symbols, with a 10x payout for a full house.

The animations while waiting for the third Scatter and when a mysterious Piper Wild may be landed are two examples of the excellent visuals in this game. Even though the game might appear a little monotonous when nothing is going on, which is most of the time due to the low win frequency, anyone who appreciates fairytale slots will be charmed with its theme.

Evaluation and Final Thoughts

When you see so many Wilds on your board, the Pied Piper slot machine is one of those games where you might be a little let down by the number and quality of your victories. Not in this slot game; even with 5 or 6 Wilds, you won’t win too much. Because of this, playing the slot may be a challenge, and despite the high theoretical payoff, it doesn’t feel like it can really pay out very often. Pied Piper has tremendous variance, and a lot of stars need to align for you to hit it big. If you don’t like Pied Piper, you might like Northern Sky or Big Bad Wolf, two more Quickspin slots. In any event, you may play these slot machines at any reputable online gambling site.

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